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Photo Album

The medieval Cité of Carcassonne
Minerve - medieval town where 180 Carthar "heretics" were burned at the stake in 1210
Grotte de Limousis - one of the many spectacular caves in the vicinity.
Galamus gorge - spectaular canyon with sides rising to 3000 feet from bottom.
Peyrepetuese - a spectacular medieval castle perched high up in the Pyrannean foothills.
Gouffre de Cabresprine - the deepest hole in Europe at more than 1000' from top to bottom.
View of the Pyranees on a clear winter day just a few hundred yards from our house.
We discover it can get bloody cold up in the mountains.
Foix - a Pyrannean town that was the last stronghold of independant Languedoc. Never conquered by the forces of Louis IX.
Lake at Laprade
Easter eggs are a work of art at the Cros Occitan - a rather splendid restaurant in Carcassonne.
12th century abbey at La Grasse
Horse show at Carcassonne
Our kitchen is finished.
We explore the countryside behind Mazamet - a small town 25km to the north 
View from Pic de Nore (1200m)
Our dining hall is finished
Poppy time on Montagnes Noirs
La Cité en Feu - Bastille Day fireworks at Carcassonne
Polynesian dancers at the Cuxac village fete
Jousting in La Cité
Communal Lavage at Saissac
Village Band at Viladonnell
Sunset over Pyrennees
Andorra La Vella
Bastide near Condom
Hailstorm at Cuxac
Rennes le Chateau - Henry Lincoln (co-author The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail)