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Bob's Music


Hi folks - here's some of my music. It's what I do now - if you like what you hear, please play as many times as you like on your PC or through your hi-fi if you can link it up. (If you don't like it, then you don't have to listen to it again and it's not cost you a penny). It is however copyright protected and if you would like to copy it onto permanent media, reproduce it for public transmission, or use it commercially, you need my permission. The wma format that you will hear from the links below is not, in any case, suitable for quality reproduction and I can supply the same in mp3 or wav format if you ask me nicely.


None of this has actually been performed by real live musicians - certainly yours truly could not contemplate playing some of the piano parts: I don't suppose that even at my zenith (which was never that brilliant) I could ever have contemplated the très difficile third movement of the second piano sonata - although, honestly, it is playable. No matter - to assist me are the ever-ready members of the Cyber X-tet whose talents know no bounds.


For anyone who is interested in the technical details, the music was composed and converted to MIDI format using Noteworthy Composer. The MIDI files were then imported into Cakewalk Music Creator and "played" through an Edirol HQ Orchestral software synthesisor, which is as near as dammit to having an orchestra with real instruments in your PC. This was recorded onto a file in Windows Media Advanced (wma) streaming format for public consumption, but can also be put into recordable format as the ubiquitous mp3 or standard wav CD form. (Contact me at bob@per-nefer.net


I've split it into four sections - click on any one to access the music: